Overwhelming Frustration


I feel like I've nowhere to vent and so I've resorted to the glow community.

My SO and I have lived together for a year. I'm one with a huge libido and him too .

We recently got a new roommate and we haven't had sex since she's moved in because there isn't any privacy.

We live in a single

And so she sleeps feet away from the bed.

He's no longer affectionate

He won't kiss me when she's there

Which she's here every time he's here

He has given her some of his clothes to keep and every time she takes us out to eat he insists that he pay

But when it's me paying, he won't protest and just let's me pay

It's just the little things...

I don't see the point of being his significant other if he doesn't treat me any different

We're not affectionate

We never have any alone time

He won't have sex with me

And the worst part is that he seems ok with it.

We haven't had sex in a while and he's never tried to initiate

I feel like he's no longer attracted to

Me and it I feel really insecure.


I just needed to let this out.

Thanks guys.