Broken heart need advice

OK so am 14weeks pregnant I found out my boyfriend / unborn child father living a double life. I found am not pregnant with his first born but his 3rd born child a female he has his first born with is pregnant with his 2nd born at the same time our babies will be 2mos apart and a 3rd female is also pregnant too. I left him and I bring his lies to the light out the dark so now all of us know about each other. He use to live with me I kicked him out now he wants nothing to do with our unborn child. I feeling very low and feel like a fool. Should I keep the baby when I give birth or put it up for adoption? Am already a single mother of 4 girls and I didnt if I can show my unborn son how to be a good man because I never had one in my life or even a father like my kids. Am so scared 😭💔