How to divide up responsibilities?

Desiree • Wife to T, mama to Lucy, cooking #2, and fur mama to 3!
So my husband and I are welcoming a baby girl in late February/early March. I plan to exclusively breastfeed and, of course, stay home with the baby as long as I can. My husband cannot breastfeed (OBVIOUSLY) and will be working full time like usual. My question is how to divide up the responsibilities equally. I know that nights will be hellish and I'll have to breastfeed so I'll be in charge of that. My husband restores cars and needs sleep in order to do his job, except he still wants to help me at night. We both want to be as equal in our responsibilities as we can be, but I know the "burden" to take care of the baby will fall a little heavier on me, especially in the beginning. Anyone have any ideas of how we can divide up night time duties? My husband leaves for work at 7:30 and doesn't get home until 6ish. So there's not a lot of time for him to help me on weekdays besides night time