Ovulation kits

So... This my first time posting. 
My cycle is all over the place this cycle, my period started a week early. So I said ok let's give these kits a try. They say you shouldn't use with your first pee of the day so my happy ass takes it to work because I'm up at the crack of dawn and that's where I'm at for my second pee, lol. So you can probably imagine how comical it is to have to do this at work. I won't even go into detail of what I do because you'll be cracking up some more. Let me just tell you it's not fun, especially when it's not fun to pee on somethings anyways. 
So down to my question, Do you only see the surge at the time it happens or do you see it all day for the most fertile day. Like for example do I have to do a couple tests that day to catch it? Sorry for the silly question.