I had a blood test done in the beginning in October, to measure my ovulation as I have PCOS. On day 21 was when the doctor ordered my labs, and I was at only a .9 for progesterone. I never ovulated, according to that. I had my annual on 11/03 and my doc said that I never ovulated and gave me metformin and Provera. Well, being the paranoid person I am I took a pregnancy test last night 11/06 and it was positive. I took 5 more tests, all positive. I have no clue how this happened, seeing as I appeared I never ovulated. I am concerned because of my progesterone levels. Nervous!! I called the nurse hotline for my doctor's office, of course I should wait til Monday to call. But should I be concerned of my progesterone levels? Ahhhh exciting but so very scary!!