My husband has a small penis

Note: not complaining, not trying to “fix” anything

Just wanted to brag about my husband and how great he is in bed. Whenever we talk about this with my friends they always mention their hubby’s size so I don’t talk to them about it bc I wanna avoid them knowing (I know they’re gonna judge and he doesn’t deserve to be shamed) My husband might not be the biggest but I swear he has magical powers. I’ve been with a couple of guys (decently sized) but they’ve never made me orgasm. But with my husband 🤤🤤🤤 he may be small but he’s the best I’ve ever had 🤤 (multiple orgasms, squirting several times, tmi? Lol)

So ladies if y’all are in a similar situation please comment down below. Or am I the only one? Lol