Lol I was just in the shower and my nipple started leaking!

Now my husband keeps laughing at me and keeps telling me that I'm "milking it up" 😂

🤞 wonder if it's a sign. I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow. It's only coming out of my right nipple.

Which explains SO much cause a couple weeks ago, my right nipple had this strong stinging pain. Idk what made me take a look at my nipple but I did and I feel like I besrly touched it and a little drop of yellow milk expelled.

I dont want it to go to waste! Hopefully nothing else come out until babygirl drinks it.

Lol my husband and I just had like this special moment, me standing in the shower naked, him rushing in and we both are laughing/almost crying with the look on both of our faces staring eye to eye having the same thought that we are gunna be parents for the first time very soon!😂🥰 such a good feeling. I cant wait to finally hold her.