Question for my fellow ART Ladies

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I can't believe June will be here in less than two weeks 😬😬😬.

To preface this question: I have a best friend that was blessed with fertility. This girl could look at a penis and fall pregnant. Don't take that wrong; I'm happy for her and I love those kiddos. As of late, she is on it with the unsolicited advice. Not so much in the "If you stop trying, or if you stress less" way, more of a "you shouldn't do this or that; you should stop that if you get pregnant." Most of it is in regard to working out and hiking, which I've spoken with my doctor about so not only do I know my limitations, I also know how long I've been doing these things and that I'm cleared to continue unless my doctor says otherwise. I've spoken to this friend about her comments and she told me to get a second opinion (🙄). I told her once she completed medical school I'd get that second opinion (shes about 12 years shy and no, she has no plans of going to medical school). This seemed to stop the comments for awhile. Well, they've started again.

How do you guys deal with the unsolicited advice? All of it, from the TTC advice, lifestyle advice, and parenting advice.