Fell on the stairs

Kelsiann • Mama to 3 under 3 • Elyse, Nolan, & Jesse 💛

16 & 1/2 weeks with my twins. Last night I slipped & fell down 4 or 5 stairs. I landed on my butt & elbows but all day today my lower abdomen has been so sore. It feels like a big bruise.

Going to see my midwife just to listen to heartbeat & determine if I need an ultrasound or need to go to ER. I’m not too worried, it wasn’t a bad fall but I’m obviously anxious & hoping nothing is wrong. I still feel a little movement so that’s reassuring.

I told some family & friends & almost everyone has said they’ve fallen down while pregnant & everything was completely fine. Just worried is all 😩 any reassuring stories from you ladies? My appt is in 30 min & I need something to take my mind off it