Baby wants food, baby hates food


Here I am again, asking another pregnancy related question because I am new to all of this and my mom isn’t totally supportive because I’m not married so I need some female insight. I have 2 questions only because I worry A LOT.

1.) I’m like 100% positive I’m pregnant but I also feel like I’m in denial so I keep taking pregnancy tests and now that I’m like 8 weeks along, is it normal for the pregnancy line to be super dark and the control line to be faint?

2.) There are times when I WANT a certain food and I’m excited to eat it but then I get nauseous from that said food, is this normal? Like tonight I had a craving for spaghetti and was super excited to eat and then I ate and instantly was nauseous, like why?😂

I really appreciate you ladies easing my mind through this as I don’t really have my mom’s support.