Mastitis, engorgement, or plugged duct??


I had my baby 7 days ago. My milk came in, about 3 days after. And now starting about 2 days ago my right breast became really tender and a little firm. I've had a little blood blister that scabbed up on the tip of that right nipple for the past few days as well and its tender. It's also not producing much milk.

When I got up this morning, I found a couple red spots on my left breast but no pain, swelling, heat or firmness.

Which makes me think its unrelated because my breasts get itchy when they're full so I may have just scratched too hard and left a mark.

SO, I know something's going on, I just dont know what. I sat in a warm shower and massaged, pumped and hand expressed my right breast and it made the firmness and tenderness ease slightly.

I'm debating on going to an urgent care clinic tomorrow because of my right breast. Any ideas?