I’m so excited !!!


I have my first in depth ultrasound today and I’m sooo excited! After the disappointment of knowing the dad can’t be there I told him to wait in the car and I’ll FaceTime him. Least give me some reassurance you know. But I couldn’t hardly sleep last night and baby kept moving around just enough to keep me awake because just love the feeling. This morning he had a safety meeting before the appointment so he’s gone for that and will be back soon. And I’m trying to sleep in like I usually do and I can’t keep my eyes closed! I get to see my baby, and see my OB again! Second time and I’m turning 19 weeks tomorrow!!! I’ll either find out through the ultrasound today they said or through my bloodwork!! This is the most thrilling and exciting feeling ever! Like nothing compares to this!! And it’s going to drive me crazy because either way we won’t be doing a gender reveal until next weekend 😟😟 I don’t know if I can hang on that long!!😂 first time mom here and the fact that last year I lost a pregnancy and it was due to arrive June 12 and then I ended up having a miracle happen in the end.. my hearts swelling today. The doctors didn’t know if I’d ever have a chance at keeping a baby and I had lost all hope and was pretty depressed about it and then BAM! I honestly didn’t think I was pregnant this time round. But here I am almost 19 weeks later, baby moving, healthy me, and dad is getting more and more involved and excited! Soon I’ll be moving into our own place and buying stuff for my little girl/or boy. And if anyone ask, I honestly won’t be disappointed with either sex. I’m very familiar with boys due to LOTS of brothers and I adore them, and so I’ll be excited for my own son but I’ll also be thrilled to have a little girl. Either way it’ll be spoiled and showered with sooo much love. ♥️♥️ I’m so grateful for this opportunity of being able to carry growing life inside me. Our bodies are truly magical!