Rolling over help!


Need help from experienced mommies! My babygirl just turned 6 months. She sleeps in a sleep sack so her arms are free. Just recently she started rolling over in her bassinet and I’ve walked in on her just babbling when I go to get her from naps.

However, when I have her out in the living room to play, she will roll over and after a while get tired of it and will cry until I roll her back(she refuses to roll tummy to back). So I’m afraid if she rolls over during her nap I’ll have to keep going in to roll her back.

She has one of these that she sleeps in from time to time and has found a way to roll over while sleeping in it.

So my question is:

1. Do I let her go/ cry until she learns to fall asleep on her tummy

2. Reinforce back sleep and keep turning her over

3. Or should I be doing something else?!