Pregnant after miscarriage!

First, I am SO excited to be pregnant after a miscarriage! But I am so beyond nervous. I am 4+4 going off of my lmp date. I got pregnant in 2017 with my son. Super easy pregnancy and delivery. So I was not expecting a miscarriage when I got pregnant last year. Totally caught me off guard. But it happened and I worked on healing and then we got pregnant again. But I am terrified of having another miscarriage. I worry every time I have a cramp. I check for blood every time I wipe, and I took a test today with fmu and the line was so so faint. I figured it would be darker by now since I tested a week ago. So obviously that sparked more worry. I just can’t relax. My doctor said it’s not very common to have two in a row and that when I did become pregnant again that I would have a healthy pregnancy but the worry and anxiety is definitely there. Any positive stories?