5 Years TTC


My husband and I have been trying for 5 years. Trying seriously and trying but not trying (seeing BFNs constantly takes a toll). We decided that even though this pandemic is going on, we want to seriously start trying again. I ordered my ovulation tests and prenatal vitamins (started taking the vitamins as soon as I got them). I also ordered Pink Stork fertility tea and Pink Stork Sweets (both have amazing reviews on Amazon - still waiting for them to arrive). But of course AF decided to be extremely late šŸ™„ I have PCOS but I can count on one hand the amount of times I've been 16+ days late. So we had to wait until AF decided to make her grand entrance. I finally started, I don't think I've ever been so excited for a period lol.

My sister said I should take an ovulation test the day I end my period and every day until my next period, so we can see if I'm even hitting my peak and ovulating and so I can show the specialist when we go for a second opinion (I even made a a fake IG so I can post the pictures there with information, test number, date, outcome and start & end date of AF). So I mentally prepared myself to not see even a blinking smiley face. Monday/Tuesday = no smiley. Wednesday and today blinking smiley šŸ˜. I'm on CD7. I genuinely have a good feeling this time of trying trying. I kind of have a feeling that I was missing my ovulation window all together because I was using tests that confused me so I just trusted my apps. Really hoping I hit peak and see my first solid smiley!

(This picture is from this morning - it's a blinking smiley)