C-section vs. Vaginal Delivery with narrow pelvis

Kelsey • ✞

So I’m kind of in a predicament— I’m 37 weeks now and my baby girl is measuring at 6lbs 5oz and facing down as of Tuesday.Yay!! Keeping the same due date (6-8) but she said we can induce in early June, if we wanted to. It’s hard because she knows I wanted to do it vaginally originally and she still thinks that’s a good option, but worries because my pelvis is very narrow that even if I get to a 10 with dilation, that I could need a c-section anyway. She hates me to do all that work on me and the baby, if there’s a good chance it wouldn’t be safe for her exit after all. There’s so many risks with c-section and I’m not sure what to do. However, I am kind of feeling like a planned c-section would be way better than an emergency and not let her get the the point of danger... I want the calmest environment possible for my baby and me. What are your thoughts?