Ramzi Theory?

Here is my first rainbow ultrasound at six weeks and four days! My estimated due date is January 9,2021. I’m curious as to what y’all think about the Ramzi Theory and your opinions on it and what you think the gender could be. I’ve had nausea and throwing up a few times(baby does not like soda!) Cravings have been pickles on cheeseburgers and pizza. My face is extremely oily and I’m horribly broken out.(any tips on that would be great, too!) My breasts almost constantly feel like there’s rocks in my bra and have really enlarged(I’m a smaller gal and officially have underboob!) I also tried to kinda use a bit of the “sway method” for a boy this month because my fiancé has a higher sperm count. I’ve had two miscarriages where I had no symptoms that I think were girls(I don’t think my fiancé’s girl swimmers are very good) When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had no symptoms at all and had a super easy pregnancy. With my son, I had to lay on ice my breasts hurt so bad and everything made me sick. Thanks for reading this much and I appreciate y’all’s inputs!!