Wow 3 months already

K 🧸

It's finally time to share my birth story.

3 months ago I welcomed my beautiful baby boy into the world. I had a planned c section, it was the scariest day of my life but the most amazing day of my life. I began the day not thinking about the major, life changing surgery I was about to experience, instead I woke, straightened my hair put on some clothes that made me feel nice and told myself I was just going for a lovely day out with my husband. When we arrived at the hospital the staff were amazing and kept me at ease even though I began to cry every time a nurse came in the room to speak to me. But at 10:45am it was my turn to walk into theatre.

My husband had the pleasure of announcing our babys gender and cutting his cord. Everything went smoothly and we had our healthy baby boy, weighing in at a whopping 9lb 15 and a half and 25 inches long.we spent our first night as a family in hospital and took our bundle of joy home the next day. He's incredible and so so loved ❤️

3 weeks into his little life Daddy went back to work and then the UK was put into Lockdown. Daddy is a key worker so working alot and family can't visit so I often feel very alone. I was still recovering from the c section and l struggling a little when Lockdown happened so was left with no choice but to muddle through with no 'hands in' support. Is anyone else in a similar situation? How are people coping?