Hello Clarice


Muzzle training our newest boy so he can safely run with our older dogs. We have been taking it very slow at his own pace (and of course lots of very yummy treats) He is a good boy never shown aggression to people or my kids but to other animals it’s a sketchy situation. I have decided after all my research that muzzles don’t mean the dog is bad or mean, it’s a precaution and keeps everyone safe. His head is so huge this is the biggest muzzle the manufacture without buying a custom which is what I’m gonna end up doing so he is more comfortable. Anyone else with muzzled pooches? What is your reason?

-Please no negativity, he sees the muzzle and wags his tail cause he knows he’s gonna get a ton of treats. Plus muzzles are not cruel unless ill fitted or used inappropriately. And he will only wear it in certain situations, never unattended or long periods of time.