Don’t know what to do

Looking for a bit of advice here. I met my boyfriend at the end of December. We were seeing each other up until end of March when he asked me to be his girlfriend and I haven’t seen him since because of coronavirus. Lately I’ve been really struggling with how I feel about him,I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t seen him but recently he’s been really demanding,as if I have the answers to when I will see him again as we’re not allowed to be around others still where I live. I understand its hard as he’s from a different country so doesn’t have family here,he can’t see his friends but shares a house with a lot of people so he isn’t fully alone. Today he’s been feeling really down and I feel really pressurised by him to go and see him but I’m not comfortable as I live with my mum and also my dad works in another country and is still flying back all the time so I don’t want to put anyone at risk. Am I being wrong for not wanting to see him right now? Like the other day I said well hopefully soon we can meet in the park near yours and he said ‘why not in my house’ I wouldn’t be comfortable yet entering a house where different people live and I don’t know where they’ve been or people they’ve been around. I feel like I’m not happy in this relationship even when it hasn’t had enough time to develop but I’m struggling with the thought of being around each other again as I’m not sure I can shake the feeling of not being happy. Any advice would be great.