Focusing on other things instead of enjoying the last few weeks

Isis • 22❤️Married❤️mom of 3🌸🌸💙

I’ve realized that I spent most of the time trying to make it to this point in my pregnancy and every since my mucus plug fell out and I started contracting all I’ve been focused on is getting this little boy here instead of enjoying this pregnancy in its last state 💙I guess I got all excited seeing June babies become May babies 😊 not realizing that I get more time to prep and prepare and anticipate all the while him coming in this month would be amazing June isn’t such a bad time 😊 and his birth is guaranteed thankfully so I guess what I’m trying to say is mamas I know we are completely over it but let’s try to enjoy these last few days of pregnancy even with the Hell our babies are putting us through 😂😂😂