Irregular...when to test ? Also implantation???


Hey everyone!

So I’m TTC however I’m not too sure when I ovulate. I’m planning on getting ovulation kit for next cycle. I’m irregular I can get my cycle within 26-35 days. Lately I’ve noticed it’s been more on the 26-28 days for the past 5 months now which has been great. I added my calendar here for you to see and help me out. I normally don’t feel symptoms when I get my period. It’s always a surprise. So I have to make sure I have pads with me at all time. when do you guys recommend for me to test?

>> I don’t think I’m pregnant at the moment, I’m just trying to have an idea on what to do when I think I am or how to tell when it’s the best time to test <<

** I don’t get symptoms for my period

** I’m always late or early

** sometimes i can skip a period for a month(hasn’t happen in a while but sometimes happens)

** I don’t want to buy a lot of pregnancy test because they are so pricey! 😾

So I want to be smart about it and to not stress either. Any advice for those who are irregular ?



On the 23rd I had sex, and I actually bleed after intercourse. I thought I had my period again (it was moderate) and it went away after like an hour. I honestly thought I was getting my period again. And once I wiped myself to see the amount of blood, it was very light pink , checked again after 10 min- still light pink—- then after a hour or 2 it was gone like nothing happened but I did get concerned that it was moderate in the beginning. And then it went away like THAT. It was really weird. Any thoughts on this experience?? I heard it may be implantation?