It’s baby time!

Tess • 💍 7.12.14 💗|👶 6.7.20 🎀|👶 4.26.22 💙

40+1 FTM here! Been having inconsistent contractions since 10 AM yesterday on her due date. Lost my plug earlier this week, been losing bloody show all day. Contractions picked up after dinner, a shower and a walk, and finally they are close enough! These contractions are no joke 😅 Called L&D, we are heading in!! So excited to meet baby girl 🥰

Update: Being admitted! I’m at 4 cm with 80% effacement, so still a ways to go. Contractions are about every 3 1/2-4 mins apart. Hoping baby girl decides to make her arrival soon!

Update #2: I took a nap for like two hours and woke up to the nurse letting me know that my contractions had slowed down some while I was resting. They are starting me on Pitocin to crank them back up to speed. C’mon baby girl!