I just wanna be pregnant

I just wanna be pregnant,, my cousin just had her baby today..my due date would have been June 2nd but I miscarried at 17 weeks..

Idk how much more I can take, it took me 5 years to conceive my baby and to just lose him so easily sucks..

I'm 6 days late with negative pregnancy test, my dr doesn't wanna give me pills until he knows what type of uterus I actually have (bicornuate or didelphys)

I also have pcos and my dr said it might be acting up again which is why I haven't got my period..

Idk what to do i just wanna hold my baby in my arms but idk when that will ever happen, another 5 years?

People keep saying I'm young but don't know my whole story..im so depressed

And i just found out my nephews gf had their baby on 6/6.. another cousin of mine is also due in 3 weeks 😔😔

Before I got pregnant the last baby to be born was 4 years ago and once I got pregnant everyone decided to get pregnant too. 😢😭