How did tou find out?


I love hearing stories about how you found out you were pregnant. What made you guys test? Here’s my story: a week before my expected period I had cramping just like right before my period so I figured it was coming soon. That same week our household was passing around a stomach bug, everyone in our house got it (except my man) and it lasted 2 days tops on everyone. When I got it it lasted TWO WEEKS. So I completely forgot about my period. We had a family gathering for thanksgiving at my cousins house around the 28th of November. My aunt had come up to me and my man and was like “oh mom told me you’ve been sick, but your just glowing, are you sure it was just a bug? Are you late?” Me and my man just laughed and was like “no I’m not late? My period should be here any day now. I just barely have an immune system.” Thought nothing of it, didn’t even check my tracker to make sure, because i was still having cramping and everything else like my period was about to start. December 1st I woke up at 7:30 needing to pee sooo bad, I go to the bathroom went back to bed. 30 minutes later at 8 I’m up again needing to pee so I get out of bed thinking how weird that was and remember back to my aunt saying what she did so I check my tracker and sure enough, “SIX DAYS LATE” I call up my sister, we go get a test, within 30 seconds of pee touching this test, two very clear pink lines show up.