C sections for big babies?


Basically with my first; she was measuring bigger during my anatomy scan but no one thought nothing of it

I went over and was 40 weeks and 4 days when she decided to show up on her own. No signs of labor at all till that day.

She was 9lbs and 22 inches long.

Im 5'2 and her father is 6'0 but i had expected an average size baby at least. Nope not at all. And she grew exceptional fast and was wearing 12 month clothes at 6 months. Now shes about to be 18 months and has been wearing 2t's and 3t's and size 8 shoes for awhile. She's wayyy bigger than her male cousin whos a month older than her

At my anatomy scan this time around i seem to measuring bigger than i had been with my daughter the first time and im having a boy this time. Im getting a 3rd ultrasound at 30 weeks which i never did with my first which i thought was weird.

Doctor mumbled off how she was relooking at the spine and how they check for spina bifida and then asked about my quad screening results which are negative. All that threw me off and made me horribly worried about problems but she didnt tell me nothing exactly.

Anyways sorry for the rambling. I was just worried about having a bigger baby than 9lbs this time around since with my daughter i tore 2 degrees internal and it was awful and I never healed up properly and had scar tissue that was painful for awhile.

I just dont want that happening again and family members have suggested a c section this time around. I didnt have a struggle pushing my daughter out. She was born in half an hour when i started pushing. Nurses were shocked i pushed out a 9lb baby so fast. But i just dont want worse tearing than the first time. Any people here have had big babies and needed c sections?