Someone come get my mother-in-law or am I over reacting?


I’m currently pregnant with baby #2. But here’s the story, we are currently living with my in-laws(hopefully not much longer!) on February 16th my mother-in-law’s brother Casey passed away. (Lord rest his soul). About mid March I found out I was pregnant, and ever since my mother-in-law has been saying it’s a boy. (We don’t even know the gender) and calling the baby “baby Casey” her name suggests were Casey James(James being my father-in-laws name) and Casey mikel (Mikel being my father-in-law middle name and also my fiancé’s middle name) BUT there are sooo many people named after uncle Casey, I feel like it really wouldn’t be honoring his name at this point. And I just wanna name my own child without someone’s input.. She’s even saying she going to be in the delivery room,and I’m like “ohhh noooo” so I feel like the faster we move out the less I have to listen to someone trying to push me about my unborn child.. am I over reacting or what?