No sex relationship! 😡

I need to vent, I'm so frustrated. We do have some relationship problems but sex wise we were doing great. We are together from almost 2 years now and it's simply unacceptable for me to have sex maybe twice in a month. It simply doesn't work for me. I'm so unhappy about it, I love him, I do but I can't have a relationship that doesn't involve sex. He says that he is really depressed and sad about his work and life situation, he loves me but he can't help it. Would I be an ass if I would break up with him? I feel the situation can only get worse and worse if we carry on this way. If I can't enjoy being together what's the point in being a couple? We could just be friends.. I care about him and I could try to be his friend but not his girlfriend, not like that. Am I wrong? πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ