My 7 month old is breast feeding 3 times


Hi guys just wanted to ask if it's normal for my baby to breastfeed 3 times once in the morning then he has solids then once during the day he also has solids and once before bed time I am feeding him solids 3 times a day and roughly has breast milk 3 times a day sometimes he doesn't even want to have a breastfeed before bed also he hardly eats during the night but he constantly wakes up during the night crying I offer him a breastfeed every time before solids so I don't know if it's normal also he only takes milk from one breast for some reason he doesn't like to drink from my left breast he will fight it I am trying my best I always fight to put him on but sometimes he just doesn't want is he eating enough ? I have been told it looks like he isn't getting enough milk I have no idea if it's normal I am a first time mum please help. Also I am on the keto diet and he fights it soo much to breastfeed I feed by demand. Would it be that he doesn't want to be breastfeed anymore ?