What was your first relationship like?⬇️⬇️


I had my first relationship when I was 15. I was very sheltered and my parents were very strict so the relationship was in secret. So if course I go after what I thought a bad boy, or well actually he went after me lol. He was a grade older than me, that kid who always got into fights with the teacher for not behaving in class or doing their work. It started when he asked me to homecoming because we had the same computer class together and I said no (my parents would of never let me) he ended up taking a different girl. After homecoming he asked me to be his girlfriend and I was hesitant because I never dated before and knew I wouldn’t be able to tell my parents. I hated lying to them. After he put his bad boy persona aside and started acting vulnerable, I couldn’t say no when he started getting teary eyed so I said yes. To be honest I always dreamed of love and relationship so I was curious if it was possible for me. We went to the movies and hung out at school. But it wasn’t a good relationship. Day after we dated he texted me I love you... I was like the faq? lol bro we literally just started yesterday you need to wait lol for me, im a romantic and I believe it should be real love so I called him on his crap😂 the relationship lasted 3 months. It was terrible on my mental health with the lying and the constancy of him telling me if I broke up with him he would kill him self (picture of his slit wrist bleeding involved) that is when I got into self harm to cope. It was a very hard year. There was a defining moment when I decided I needed to end it and that was when I was sitting with him at the movies and he decided to slip his hand in my yoga pants. I didn’t say no, but I also didn’t say yes. I felt so guilty after wards for what happened. I felt scared because In my mind I was saving myself for marriage. I dated him for 2 weeks of excuses as why I couldn’t hangout with him at school or go to movies. A lot of sorry I can’t go I’m on my period😂 which now doesn’t really make sense haha but I finally ended it and he didn’t kill himself haha he said he was going to but he’s still alive till this day and I see him from time to time. To which he says hi. I don’t have any hard feelings. I was young and it was hard but I learned from my experience and it has taught me so much. I think God was preparing me for what was to come in the future(story to come).