This is probably a bit of a stretch but I’m truly trying to find answers here

For anyone who grew up during the emo/scene times in the later 2000s, Dahvie vanity has dozens of known allegations against him of grooming and sexually assaulting underage girls. Chris Hansen and other you tubers have been doing interviews with the survivors to get their stuff out and encourage others to come foreword.

I really just want to know what happened in the video that was on YouTube, the Ex Times 3 video with dahvie and the survivor. I think they were in a hotel room or something? (since been deleted). I know the survivor was sexually assaulted in a closet after it was filmed. I don’t need to necessarily see the video but a synopsis of the video would be good. I tried asking on reddit but was told stuff I already knew (the survivor doesn’t want the video up which I totally understand and respect). Like I said, I don’t want to see the video.

For anyone who has happened to see it while it was still up or at any point, can you help me understand this information?

I don’t mean any disrespect by asking this, I’m just genuinely curious.