Opinions? Thoughts?

Ok so, the last two days I’ve been suffering from what I feel like are gallbladder attacks. I went to the clinic yesterday because it was bad, it lasted about 3 hours. After an hour of the pain is when I went to go get seen & I was there for 2 hours. They did nothing to help with the pain. I told my nurse I tried Tylenol extra strength & it didn’t help. I then started to sweat, shake from the chills, and puke + in pain.

She continued to give me Tylenol, Advil & gravol but I kept puking them back up. So they weren’t helping with the pain I was in. They did a urine sample and said they’re gonna diagnose me with a UTI? Like what? Is that possible to be in this much pain from a UTI? idk.

Today, I’m still in a lot of pain. If I go to the clinic I feel like they’ll be no help again. I’m also still nauseous & have the chills off & on. I was still puking last night so I feel like I’ll be doing the same tonight. I’m so drowsy too. Ugh. Idk what to do, she said she prescribed me antibiotics but I went & there was nothing! 😩