Early ultrasound question


Anyone know a lot about ultrasounds? So I’m pregnant, positive test at 10 dpo which was 5-7 days before expected period. I ovulate early - CD 11 so based on period I’m 3w4d based on ovulation I’m 4w 1d. I’ve had 4 days of spotting, day 1 spotted twice red in colour. Day 2 happened 3 or 4 times, Brown in colour. Day 3 happened 6 ish times red. Day 4 happened twice and brown. Doctor ordered bloodwork, did first draw yesterday but he also ordered an ultrasound, I’m wondering if they could even see anything this early in an ultrasound. Doctor isn’t sure if I’ll get a quick one like he asked for but says if I do we don’t need the second blood draw and I feel like we still will?