Is this SUPER WEIRD to anyone else

So me and my boyfriend been in a long distance relationship basically now because of the quarantine so we started doing phone sex. At first it was just dirty talk, then it turned to him wanting me to get gangbanged 🤮. He would also ask me things like “would you fuck an older dude, would you fuck my uncle, would you fuck my cousin” or he would just straight ask me who I wanna fuck other than him. He became super interested in talking about one of my homeboys and he would ask me questions like how I wanna fuck him, if I wanna fuck him in the car, and if I wanna suck his dick. Well that homeboy got locked up and now whenever we do it, he asks me to call someone from outside (literally a stranger outside) to come and fuck me I guess? He always says he wants to hear me get fucked because I “deserve it” and because he knows “I want it”. He also tells me he wants to watch me get fucked. And not only does he ask once but he keeps going and it just creeps me out. All this makes me uncomfortable because it’s weird in general and I feel like him thinking I would even have sex with anyone from outside shows me a little how he feels about me.

This has been going on for about two months I guess and he always asks me those. It always turns me off but I go with it to satisfy him and I always tell him when we’re both finished, that I’m not down for any of that and he agrees.