Is he serious


I told my husband that I'm pregnant: first he said really when did that happen, I said well when I told you to stay away from me when it was my ovulation week in which you didn't. Then he went on saying but I don't think I came inside of you, so I'm like no kidding well I'm 6 days late on my preiod and the test is blazing positive. So it was after sex so we both went to sleep.

Now last night this man had the nerve to come to me and asked me if I know about the morning after pill, I said yeah and what's your point, he said you should try and see if that works because I heard my employees talk about it at work. ( he works mostly with teenagers) so I said NO KiDDING HAHAHA , do you have any idea of what you are saying, morning after pill that should explain it all I'm now 7 days late on my period and you are telling me about morning after pill. So now I dont think he wants me to have this baby mind you I had a miscarriage last March. I'm crushed and angry so I'm waiting to see today what is he going to ask.