Would it make you uncomfortable?

So we have this neighbor.... they have lived next door to us for a long time. My SO has lived in our house since he was in his teens, we just bought it from his mom last month. The neighbors have a son that is autistic. He’s verbal and has a part time job. He’s around 28 I think. He’s not able to really make his own meals or anything but functioning enough. Pretty smart actually.

Well, anytime he’s outside, he’s always on his phone recording anything and everything, including people. If we are in our backyard having a bonfire, our neighbor is up stairs recording us from his bedroom window. When we are outside in the front hanging out by ourselves or with our friends across the street, he’s recording us. My SO and I just bought a golf cart to ride around the neighborhood in and meet new people so of course we let our neighbors go for a ride. Yesterday, my SO and I were out cruising and again, he was recording us.

This has been going on for YEARS... I know he doesn’t mean any harm but I don’t feel comfortable being recorded constantly and I don’t know how to tell him without hurting his feelings.

Would it make you uncomfortable too? Or am I just over reacting?


We are positive he’s recording. He lives with his parents and many times he says “I got that on video!” His dad even said he had to go through his sons phone and delete all kinds of videos because he had no more storage on it. His parents know that he records everything.***