Rainbow baby


I don’t post on here. I try to give support and respond to post but here goes to the first time. I have wanted to be a mom for so long. I love kids. It is my field I work in and what my degrees are in. In 2017 me and my fiancé got pregnant. I had lost the baby at 8 weeks. I was devastated. So sad it was hard to be happy for all the other new mommy’s. We have tried and tried again....well after three years of trying I am pregnant again with hopefully with our 🌈 baby 🥺🥺🥺😊❤️❤️😊 I am still early but so far I’ve had all good things happening. To all the others trying, don’t give up and have hope. I know it’s so emotional and hard to get through sometimes but we can get through this❤️