Sometimes, you have to advocate for YOURSELF as a patient!

Sara • Labor/Delivery RN🏥 Work hard play hard 🤘

Coming from an RN, I can honestly say that every hospital experience, regardless of which hospital ANYwhere, is quite literally like a box of chocolates... 😂 “Ya never know what yer gonna get!!”

Ok lame, I know lol but you get the point. There are really great nurses and doctors out there, and there are plenty of not-so good ones. We all know it!

☝️Story time👀 I just had surgery at the same hospital I work for. It’s very well known for providing great care. I went in to have a large (8cm!) cyst removed from my left ovary, a medium-sized cyst drained on my right ovary, AND an umbilical hernia repair (ouchhh). Sadly, my doctor ended up having to remove my entire left ovary due to the growth of the cyst, as well as scrape of several lesions that had formed along my uterus lining. Needless to say, my abdomen is SORE mmmkay? 😵😭 I think my belly button hurts worse than the organ removal...💀

I’ll get straight to the point here. Wanna guess what pain medication I was prescribed for home? ........

Motrin!!! 🙃🪓💀💀💀

Yep. Not kidding.

Don’t get me wrong,, Tylenol and Motrin are super important baseline pain meds. But I was thinking post-op abd surgery would have at least a temporary, low-dose narcotic.... tramadol, norco, etc. for just a few days while I recover....

Anyways I asked to be discharged quickly because (a) I could contact my OB directly by cell#, and (b) clearly this new little grad RN wasn’t going to escalate the chain of command for me🙄

Y’all I was in SO much pain, plus I hadn’t eaten in 22 hours by the time I left the hospital— I didn’t have the energy to cry or be angry.

The point!!!! IF I had wanted to stick around and wait until an in-house Dr could be reached, I most certainly could have. If I hadn’t felt comfortable even going home that night (they removed an organ for Christ’s sake!), I could have told them I would like an overnight stay for monitoring... as the patient, you can ALWAYS ask things and speak until you’re heard! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with standing up for yourself when you’re in pain, or dealing with other complications. Within reason, of course😉

I’ll step off my soapbox now LOL thanks for listening if you made it this far 💕