Why are men like this


Me and this guy have been talking for 3 months now..of course the beginning was great. We text everyday and all day..talked on the phone..told each other cute things..and when we hung out he made me feel special. Our sex was still is amazing. I fell in love with this guy in a short period of time..felt like he was the one. Now he doesn’t even text me..he can go a whole week without talking to me at all..zero communication. The last time we hung out it was kind of different from the other times he was just acting really cocky about himself and he was just not his sweet self..usually between sex we would cuddle and kiss and hangout but he just kinda wasn’t trying to do nothing like that he would just ask for head when I’d try to lay with him..and after sex he was ready to talk me home..I kmow it sounds obvious I was used but let me tell you if that was his intention from the beginning he did a good job at hiding it because after sex we’d always go eat something of drive around or sometimes not even have sex we would just hangout and talk and now he just seems like he can care less for me 😏 anyways today had been a little over a week since we hung out and the only reason he text me today was because his friend was on “Instagram live” and I watched it and his friend put his face on the screen and showed him I was watching and he smiled and I don’t know what was said but they said something and he kept teasing him about it and he would smile huge and within minutes he text me it’s been hard to text and he wants to see me tomorrow and I’m like well I mean it isn’t but ok what time ? And he says he misses me and I be playing to much..I’m like how? Your the one who doesn’t text me ? Than I text him this...

“I just want to know what we’re your intentions with me? Did you really say and did whatever it took to get me where you have me or did you mean it? Because now that I’m all in and feel heavy feelings for you it seems like you don’t care anymore? You aren’t the same person I first started talking to please try to remember I’m a whole ass person with real feelings and a big heart and right now your playing me like I’m a toy and your using me for your own convince 😭 I feel stupid because I really do be thinking about you all day long..waiting to be noticed by you like you use to notice me but I’m wasting my time huh? We’re never gonna be more than what we are. If you ask me we’re coming less and less. You gotta understand I don’t go out of my way for mobodyyyy but I did for you and still do but I don’t do it for the person you are now I do it because I still hold on to the cute shit you use to do and say..it’s in my heart and back of my mind. I’m not gonna beg you to realize who I am and what it is cause you already know but all I ask is to keep it 100 with me.show me I matter..I’ve treated you with so much respect since day one and I’ve given you plenty of opportunist to call this quits before I fell in love at this point..not gonna bother if you wanna see me tomorrow you’ll send a time if not it’s cool I know where I’ll stand “

Than he texts me

“I’ll hit you up tomorrow stop texting bro”

CLEARLY HE DOESNT GIVE AF ABOUT ME..I’m just sad I had to get this message to see that cause now wtf I’m hurt...MEN LIKE THIS ARE TRASH..I legit put up walls told him I wasn’t trying to fall for him and I’ve been hurt to many times and he swore he was gonna treat me good and he was gonna be around for a while and he gots me 💯 well I guess he fucking lied..