Gained too much weight ? 😨

Pre-pregnancy I was 134 pounds and I’m 5’6”.

I am just about 24 weeks and i just hit the 20 pound mark for weight gain today! 😨😨 is that too much weight? I gained like 10 pounds first trimester so a lot of that was first trimester and my weight gain has been pretty consistent now since I hit the second trimester bc I’m watching what I’m eating better.

I’ve continued walking 5 miles or using exercise bike 5 days a week so I’m staying active still.

Is 20 pounds by 24 weeks too much ?

The nurse and I kind of had a miscommunication - after I got off the scale she was documenting my weight and she misread the scale - she thought it was 10 pounds less than it was. I corrected her and joked saying I wish your number was right though! And she said yeah I was gonna say, you either barely gained any or gained kind of a lot. Then I said yeah I gained a lot early on bc i would be nauseous if I went a couple hours without eating and carbs were the easiest thing to keep down then. She said a lot of women are that way.

So after nurse left dr came in and she said the nurse said I expressed concerns about my weight gain, which I didn’t really, just kind of talking about it with her since it got brought up, so dr talked about it too. So I don’t know if dr was talking to me about it bc she was concerned too or if it was just bc she just thought I felt concerned about it, which I didn’t really before