Excited yet struggling with Pregnancy

This is my first baby. I know this probably sounds totally silly but I want to know if anyone had similar feelings. My husband and I are SO EXCITED and HAPPY about being pregnant. We have tried for a long while now. We are so ready to be parents. However there are times when I’m struggling with being frustrated or feeling down because of such severe symptoms. I am barely able to function because of the headaches, fatigue, extreme nausea, and back pain. I truly am happy, but when people ask me “aren’t you so happy” and “how it is going” I have a hard time answering. I just can’t say that this pregnancy is all excitement and smiles. I feel like this makes me a terrible person/ mom. I am seriously over the moon and just can’t wait to see my ultrasound and meet my baby. Did anyone else struggle with this? Did it get better?