Don’t give up


My husband and I struggled for 3 years before we got pregnant with our little girl (who just turned 2) we went through multiple types of fertility treatments and a miscarriage before being blessed. So after we had her we decided I wouldn’t get on any birth control since I suffered from infertility anyway (yes we knew there was a chance of my body reseting) we wanted to just let what’s meant to be be and if I got pregnant then good and of not then we were happy we had atleast our daughter.

We had just started talking about possibly trying again and trying to decide if we really wanted another kid, I had just bought ovulation test so I could see if I was even ovulating (since that was why I couldn’t get pregnant before)

Well before I could even take my ovulation test I started feeling tired and nauseous randomly and I told my husband the last time I was this tired was when I was pregnant with my daughter. He laughed and said your not pregnant (after so many years of infertility we both knew it was a long shot) later that day my boobs were sore and I thought I better take a test just to ease my mind..... I never saw a line pop up so fast! I walked down stairs and just held up the test to my husband and started laughing saying I’m not what??? 😂 his face was 😳 now here we are in the final count down with a boy. We decided we’re done after this we got blessed enough to get one of each and we are forever grateful. We never even knew if we would even get a chance to have another baby. And I’m happy I got a surprise baby lol I used to hate that with infertility everything had to be so planned and I would never get that omg moment lol well I got it!