Feeling down


So I recently talked to my doctor because I’ve been feeling down, sad, emotional, lonely etc...and just not myself lately. Can’t seem to feel happy. I have a lot going on besides pregnancy so of course my doc said I’m experiencing a mild case of depression. Needless to say he prescribed me a antidepressant- zooloft. Well after I went to the doc I swung by the pharmacy to pick it up. Took the meds when I got home and about 2 hours later we ate dinner. Shortly after dinner I started to not feel good, got really nauseated and got a headache. So I looked up the side effects and sure enough nausea is the first one listed. If anyone else has taken this or is taking this did this make you feel this way? It was my first day taking it and I’m already feeling a side effect. Idk that I wanna feel nauseous all the time or just deal with the feelings. I woke up around 3 am to go to the bathroom and I still felt nauseous and still had the headache and was super hot. Should I give it time and see if my body gets use to it? I’m prone to headaches anyway so I really don’t wanna take something that’s going to cause one and I also don’t wanna feel nauseous all the time bc that’s no fun either.