Finally decided

Kelly • ♥️Ollie E♥️ May 27, 2019 💙 I’ll always love you and remember you baby boy. 👼♥️ Luna Love 💗 August 2, 2020

So. My boyfriend and I aren’t finding out the gender of our baby until they are born. In the very beginning I felt like it was a girl, then I started thinking it’s a boy, then a girl and now I don’t know LOL. We’ve had a girl name decided for the past 4? Years but boy names we kept going back and fourth. Our first son we lost and we named him Ollie. It was the only name we both loved and agreed on. Well this time around. We have finally agreed with a boy name so I am a lot less stressed if it is a boy and can “enjoy” the rest of this pregnant lol!

33 weeks on Tuesday. Getting close! Haha.