Pressure from my mother

Sorry bit long..

Since our little one is here I feel pressured by my mother and it’s getting worse and worse. We’re cautious - limit visitors, keeping distance, no touching/holding etc. My parents have visited twice now. My mother has been pushing me to hold him, when I say no she switches to trying to touch him, and overall being rather close to us. It’s making me uncomfortable and I’ve expressed this to her.

She has also been very keen on us coming over to their place. They have a big yard which made us give in as long as the weather is nice enough. Because I know this is important to her, I even suggested to invite my aunt and uncle - which she was over the moon about. It’s scheduled for tomorrow. However, yesterday I spoke with my sister and apparently my parents also invited her and her bf, as well as my brother and his gf. This also means there’ll be three dogs and a cat that don’t always get along too well. My parents didn’t tell me there would be twice as much people plus pets, let alone ask us. Basically I’m not comfortable with this and also pissed off, but also at a loss what to do. Cancelling would mean a big fight I think. We’re considering going for only an hour (it’s 45 minutes away). What would you do?