I’m sorry..

Left work & went to the er because of some bleeding when I wiped. For them to tell me, my rainbow baby has no heart beat & I will be passing soon.. another miscarriage. I thought this one could be the one.. 😭

Update: I feel kind of torn in this situation because I am high risk, I’ve had multiple miscarriages & my original doctor knows my situation. My blood type is O negative so he said my body doesn’t see my pregnancy as a pregnancy, it sees it as an infection & tries to fight it off. So, each pregnancy I’ve had I had been given a Rogam shot to stop my body from fighting it off. As soon as I got a positive test I went straight to my doctor. Well, he was out due to COVID so they gave me a new doctor which is fine. But, when I explained my high risk situation & my blood type I explained that I needed the shot. He said I’d get it eventually but I was worried he was taking too long.. my appointment to get the shot was the 29th of this month.. but my beautiful baby didn’t make it that long.. I’m upset that the doctor didn’t take me more seriously & now I’m patiently waiting for my lifeless baby to come out.. but I also understand that he’s a new obgyn & May not have understood the seriousness of the situation fully. I was givin a shot before leaving the hospital last night, so once I try again, there will be a better chance .. my heart is so sad. I made it so much further this time, I thought it would all be okay.