Comments on baby’s weight


My mom has always been vocal about her own weight, always saying she’s fat, needs to lose weight etc... growing up with that attitude really wore me down. she wasn’t terrible to me about my weight, but she also had her digs.

Fast forward to me having kids, and with my first child is a boy, who was a tank, no one ever made comments on his weight. It was celebrated that he was eating well and growing big.

But with my June baby girl, she has had comments made about her weight from the start no lie. I’ve had to ban the words “fat” and “chubby”. to multiple people. My mom being one of them.

Then this past week, my girl turned one. And her appetite has been insane. Like eating full meals. It’s been great! We FaceTime with my mom while we eat and she goes “don’t you think you should limit her food intake, we don’t want her to get fat”

I shit you not.

I stood there, and was like I’m going to let that one slide. Then a few minutes later my mom said “I think you need to watch her weight, she has the fat genes, we don’t want her to be a fatty”.

I said absolutely not, flipped her the finger. And said that we will NEVER limit a BABYS food intake. She’s a baby. And I said to never say that again. My mom said “I love her I can say what I want”

Then yesterday she had her year appointment. Just shy of 21# and 70% for weight. My mom asked me today if the doctor was concerned with her weight. I told her again, she’s a baby, she should be gaining weight, she actually has dropped in% because she’s moving and grooving.

I’m just at a loss. Why is this ok to say about little girls?! My niece had someone say something similar. I’m trying to find ways to get my mom to see why this is not ok. We lost my dad 3 years ago and while she’s always just said what she’s wanted, she’s been terrible since he’s been gone

Sorry for the novel. I’m just at a loss and sad that this is happening.