SECRET🤫 small update 🤫


I just have to tell someone this because it’s a secret and I need to let it out! My in-laws are coming down next week they live over 400 miles away, We haven’t seen them since March, they are bringing my fiancé’s 7 year old with them as a surprise and he has no idea. This man has been in tears because he misses her so much but due to Covid and travel restrictions we’ve not been able to see her. I have paid for her flight this afternoon and I’m itching to tell him but I have to keep it a secret until Friday 3rd when we drive to the airport to get them. It’s going to be such a big surprise. I am so excited😍😍😍😍

**just a little update**

We have 4 days left to wait. I haven’t said a word, he’s said to me twice in the last few days how much he misses her. He has just posted this on Facebook along with some photos of them

2DAYS TO GO 💖it’ll be 11pm UK time and I’ll upload when I get home from the airport 😏

You’re all SO invested. I love it 😍 feel like I’m sharing my excitement with everyone ❤️

GUYS!! It happened. I’m trying so hard to add the video but it’s not uploading. I’ll keep trying!! It won’t let me add it to this it’ll be in the adult relationship group when it finally stops saying failed to load!!!

Thank you all for helping me keep the secret 🥰❤️