Delaney • Mom of a sweet little boy 👶🏼 baby #2 on the way 💙👨‍👩‍👦 🤰🏼

So James is starting to get awful tantrums. He hits me sometimes when I’m telling him no he can’t touch that and I move him away and he starts kicking his legs and than will sit their and scream and cry. I myself don’t tolerate it and I make him sit their and figure it out himself and refuse to cave in and pick him up. To me that is telling him it’s okay to behave like this. Well my MIL never listens and will come and get him pick him up and tell him “oh, is that mom of yours being mean to you. I’ll save you” and once she picks him up he is smiling cause he got what he wanted. It’s frustrating cause when we go home I have to deal with it and more of it because she doesn’t listen to my rules. It makes me mad cause when I was pregnant with him she always told me how manipulative they can be sometimes and I better not fall for it. Well look who is falling for it and making it harder for me to raise my son the way I want to. I told her we don’t do thins at home. She clapped back and said well he is at grandmas (while I’m their) and I’m aloud to spoil him. I’m seriously ready to not let her see him for a while till she obeys my rules.