Normal to not be inlove with your newborn?

Also I realised I think I hate being a mom. LO was unplanned but so wanted and loved but now she is here I feel like she’s a different baby to the one that was inside me? I feel like I’m mourning the bond I had with the baby inside of me. She’s a beautiful baby, I want her to be happy and healthy and she is. She only fusses sometimes she’s almost the perfect newborn so I don’t know why I am feeling like this. I just wish looking after her didn’t feel like a chore. My husband is doing nights and I’m doing days, so we can both get at least 7 hours straight sleep and I just look forward to when I go to bed myself and not have to deal with a baby. No idea how I’m going to cope when he goes back to work next week😫😫😫

EDIT: thank you ladies. I’ll call my doctor tomorrow.